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Our goal is to transform how we engage with citizens in how we measure successful, liveable places.

Our Story

Civability is an early-stage start-up finalising our product and services and gathering market data and feedback from potential customers.

Civability is born from three problems faced by decision-makers in the public and private sector:

  • Difficulty in engaging a high volume of citizens in giving feedback on key issues that affect liveability of the cities that they live in.
  • A need for consolidation of data between government agencies and private sector that allows insights on these issues to be shared.
  • The need for cross-validation of how people feel about a place, how that place performs under high-level indicators (such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals) and how that place is actually used.

We are currently developing a proof-of-concept product tackling these challenges. This combines open government data, passively sourced citizen actions (such as privacy-forward mobile device information and social media) and actively-sourced citizen feedback.

We are also interviewing experts and customers to develop this product, and to help understand which components will provide the most value.

As part of the CivVic Labs Accelerator, we will be launching the next phase of Civability in the coming months…

45 days until launch.

How do I get involved?

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Benefits of Civability


We support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and link all of our products to communicate quantify against these.

Save project time

We identify stakeholder and community issues early on to reduce project and policy risk and delays.

Open standards and privacy forward

We are committed to open data and open source software practices. We will only use of privacy-forward additional data sets.


All engagement campaigns build on the Civability Profile, which means citizen preferences had an additional life beyond individual engagement exercises.

Data fusion

Qualitative citizen preferences are put on the same platform as quantitative place attributes. This changes the conversation and validates concerns / ideas with an active evidence base.


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