civic engagement + liveability

Our goal is to transform how we engage with citizens in how we measure successful, liveable places.

Our products


Examine existing place characteristics. Compare places. Diagnose place issues.


Ask citizens what makes a liveable place to them. Create a campaign that is compatible with Globe & Monitor.


Fill in the gaps with up-to-date data on citizen activity. Compare and contrast with preferences and place attributes.

Why us?


We support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and link all of our products to communicate quantify against these.

Save project time

We identifies stakeholder and community issues early on to reduce project and policy risk and delays.

Open standards and privacy forward

We are committed to open data and open source software practices. We will only use of privacy-forward additional data sets.


All engagement campaigns build on the Civability Profile, which means citizen preferences had an additional life beyond individual engagement exercises.

Data fusion

Qualitative citizen preferences are put on the same platform as quantitative place attributes. This changes the conversation and validates concerns / ideas with an active evidence base.

Interested? Contact


Data Science & Tech

Oliver Lock (Co-Founder)

Business & Operations

Jim Chesterfield (Co-Founder)